Want to be a 21st century Hippie or is it Hippy?

Do you remember the days when everything was far out, and the man was just a drag?

Daylight hours where spent in bed underneath purple velvet sheets, and nights where a mass of Paisley shirts, dressed in Kaftans and smelling like an old afghan hound who’d fallen in an open sewer.

You Do? Then move along this isnt for you.

But if you dont, and you consider yourself a devotee of everything ‘retro’, have a good income, can afford to own a house in an up and coming area, and like the idea of sucking quorn smoothies through your Viking style beard, then this my friend will be right up your street.

So how do you get into this month’s next big thing?

First off – get yourself into a Groovy state of mind man.

By now as a hip young thing, you’ve probably discovered vinyl records. This is something nobody has ever really been into before, hence why CD’s and Downloads became so big. However, you, being on trend know a man who can score you some old cool tunes, and who may even have a little shop somehwere local to you, selling these old records massively overpriced, but with a vintage sticker on them.

Bands to groove to will include Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, and the Doors.

Go into the garden, strip naked, roll yourself a herbal cigarette, smother your face in patchouli beard oil and get down.

Now you’re ready for stage two………..wait, what………..you’ve already moved onto the next big thing?


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