Barack Obama is to narrate the Audible version of US best-selling book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

It’s alleged that Mr Obama beat off stiff competition from Bill Clinton to land the job.

A source told us, “Bill and Hillary wanted to read it together with each reading alternate lines. This might have upset the flow of the narrative though so we thought Barack would be a better narrator.”

It’s understood that Mr Obama agreed to narrate the book as he’s currently trying to find things to do with his time. One Obama expert said, “He’s been busy the last few months rigging elections. I spent a lot of time bussing people from Harlem and Chicago into Alabama to vote against Roy Moore.”

He continued, “It’s a couple of years before he needs to start planning how to get millions of illegal immigrants across the Mexican border to vote in the next Presidential Election. Narrating audible books will be something he’ll be good at and it’ll pass the time.”

In other revelations, Kim Jong Un is rumoured to be tweeting the book in its entirety to President Trump, 1 tweet an hour. It’s not clear if Kim is doing this himself or if someone in North Korea is doing it in the hope that their relatives may be released from death camp.

Either way, The Rochdale Herald would like to take this opportunity to say we do not encourage people to tweet the entire book to POTATUS one tweet at a time. That’s something that the worlds, like, greatest and most stable genius should never have happen. Don’t do it.

Elsewhere, the office of George W. Bush has refused to confirm or deny that he was asked to narrate the book before publishers remembered he can’t read.