A woman who tried hummus for the first time at a party recently is now into yoga, composting and expanding her consciousness.

Poppy Cox had her first taste of the dip at a friend’s hen do and claims it changed her life.

“It was the morning after. I’d stayed over at Sharon’s and no one had put any of the food away from the night before.  I was making coffee to temper the hangover before heading to work and I thought I’d have a snack.

“All the cheese was off though, it had all this blue mould in it, and the left out crackers were stale.

“I needed something to soak up last night’s session of lager and fruit flavored fishbowls from the night before. The chicken kebab hadn’t quite done the job, so I took a chance on the only thing that hadn’t been opened. It opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

Ms Cox’s work colleagues noticed instantly there was something different about her; co-worker Joe King was most surprised about the transformation.

“She was all Zen like by the time we got in, 30 mins late.

“She’s signed up to 12 months of yoga-in-an-aquarium, started composting the new fair trade tea bags on her desk, and acquired a full wardrobe of garments made exclusively out of hemp.

“This isn’t the same Poppy who last week photocopied her tits 100 times, before making paper planes out of them with ‘fancy a shag’ written around the nipples.”

Ms Cox is giving up her job at the PC world call centre, to go on a sustainable trip around the world, and will Instagram her mission to build a leopard sanctuary in Papua New Guinea.

God speed, Poppy.