The BBC’s Question Time recording was cut short on Thursday after an audience member passed out from boredom during the recording.

Filming of the BBC One show in Colchester town hall, in Essex, was suspended when an audience member lost the will to live when Diane Abbot started speaking.

Host David Dimbleby said later that they had to end the recording after the woman’s eyes rolled back in her head the moment Diane Abbott said: “Wellllllllllllll Daaaaaaaviddddddd.”

The hour-long panel show featured Labour’s Diane Abbott and the Conservative’s Business Secretary Greg Clark and some other droning bores and was stopped about 40 minutes in.

A spokesman for the BBC said: “We apologise unreservedly for asking Diane Abbott ‘what’s the point of capitalism?’ clearly that was an error in judgement.”

“If she’d been asked that on Radio 4 hundreds could have been killed in road traffic accidents.”

“Clearly a whole bunch of platitudes from Greg Clark about whether the budget could fix the broken housing market on it had softened the poor woman up. Who isn’t going to lose the will to live after realising this shower is in charge.”

The show was broadcast in a thankfully shortened format and Andrew Neil’s political show This Week was brought forward.

PS Nobody really died, a woman was taken ill and we sincerely hope she gets well soon.

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