BBC2 finally came to Burnley yesterday.

The TV channel, which first aired to the british public in 1967, finally made its first transmition to the North England town yesterday.

We asked the BBC to comment, a spokesperson told us “We simply forgot”.

Roger Entwistle, a local resident explained how he came to find the TV channel. “I was sitting in my house, just getting ready for bed, i usually watch an hour of “white noise” just to get me sleepy, like. Only this time when I turned the TV channel dial, a strange thing happened. On my screen was two teams of real people, answering questions.

“The TV programme was called ‘Eggheads’. Obviously i understood nowt what they were saying, like, but i enjoyed the colours.”

We asked Ofcom if there were plans to introduce more channels to the Burnley area.

They responded “After yesterday’s news of BBC2 airing for the first time, we had several calls from local doctors and hospitals complaining of locals having seizures due to the bright lights and noises of ‘Newsnight’. We aim to introduce TV channels gradually.

Starting with “Dave”. Which basically is BBC2 +1 (year)”