A journalist at a Sheffield local newspaper has admitted that an entire article published in Friday’s edition of the Sheffield Councilpleaser was constructed entirely from the frothings of the readership on the publication’s forum page.

“Basically I just regurgitated a bunch of conspiracy theories, unproven accusations and general ranting by linking them together with punctuation and the occasional conjunction,” admitted cynical hack Dave Blockhead.

“It wasn’t hard to do, and will obviously help sell papers as our more semi-demented readers will see their addle-pated droolings on the front page.

“I can’t even remember what the actual subject of the pieced together Frankenarticle was. Dog poo in the park? Fracking? Buggered if I know.

“Essentially the editor told me we had to do a puff piece to make the Council look good to cement our position as the local publication furthest up the Town Hall’s figurative rectum, and publishing a load of ill informed blather loosely strung together seemed as good a way as any.”

The editor of the rag involved, Patsy Fiddler said “Dave was clearly channelling the divided energies of our readership on this important but unspecified matter.

“The tree/poo/fracking controversy is dividing our city more than the rivalry between United and the other lot and we are proud of our reputation for providing completely unbiased and objective support of the council in all their glorious endeavours.”

Mr Blockhead’s lazy attitude to journalism and casual regard for the truth have led to him being head-hunted for the position of sub-editor at the Rochdale Herald.