The campaign is headed up by Boris Johnson who is thought to believe that if it’s successful he could be the leader of Zanu PF. Failing that, he could be Conservative Party leader.

One aide, Bill Board told us, “Mr Johnson sees Mugabe as a brave freedom fighter who led his nation to freedom and sovereignty from an oppressive regime. He believes Britain could be the next Zimbabwe if Brexit negotiations go the right way. In fact, many Brexiteers greet each other with the Zanu PF raised fist.”

Michael Gove was first to back him. “I don’t know who Robert Mugabe is. I don’t think anyone knows who Robert Mugabe is. Obviously there’s experts who say he’s bad but can you believe what experts say?

I think you need to look at the agenda at work here. Mugabe has led a country that has been an independent and free sovereign nation for nearly 40 years. Experts probably want Zimbabwe to fail as it is against the neo-liberal consensus.”

David Davis has also been supportive. “It’s important that Robert Mugabe is free. He is the democratically elected President. It would be to go against the will of the people to usurp Mr Mugabe with a military coup.”

Also supportive is Liam Fox. “It’s in the interests of Britain’s baton, arms and accordion making industries that Robert Mugabe is kept in power. We’ve just agreed a huge series of trade deals with Zimbabwe. I urge British workers to take to the streets and protest this subversion of an African democracy.”

It’s understood that to raise funds and the campaigns profile its leaders intend to launch a bid for Christmas number one. There are rumours that Rick Waller, Chico, Susan Boyle and Daniel Beddingfield have all been contacted about recording a re-working of The Specials, Free Nelson Mandela.

It’s also alleged that Andrea Leadsom is a fan of emulating the control that Mugabe holds over the media in Zimbabwe.