A primary school has become the center of a row when it taught religion to transgender pupils.

St Andgreavsey’s primary school faced a parents revolt after the largely transgender pupils were taught that a giant sky wizard created the world and the universe in 6 days, was totally ok with child abuse and if you didn’t believe in him and do what he says then you’d be damned to spend eternity burning in a fiery pit of fire and brimstone.

Concerned parent Jenny Fur has actually withdrawn her trans-child from the school, fearing for her development.

She told the Herald, “I don’t send my child to school to hear this sort of rubbish. Bernadette already has an imaginary friend and doesn’t need to be told that it’s the wrong one. It’s just pandering to a liberal agenda.”

Head of the PTA, Colin Nigelson, has also brought up concerns with the school.

“Transgender children have enough to deal with, without being taught this utter nonsense about a son being his own father who is also a ghost. It’s ridiculous is what it is.”

He continued “Little Nigella came home last week telling me we had to celebrate the birth of Jesus, whose mother was a virgin who was impregnated not by her husband who she hadn’t slept with but by her unborn son who was his own father, and that a guy from Germany who’s been dressed by Coca-Cola is going to drop her a present down our chimney from a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer. And that’s all fine.

“But when they teach them that this omnipotent god person can see them everywhere, even when they are in the changing rooms or on the toilet, then he’s clearly just a pervert and needs to be stopped.”

We have contacted Lambeth Palace and the Vatican for an explanation.