The twittersphere is in overdrive this morning with millions of users tweeting out their hope that the White House is able to conceal the news of the doubling of the character limit from President Trump.

It’s not sure how long they can manage this, presumably the president will see the revelation on a television broadcast sooner or later. The Rochdale Herald spoke to our White House insider to find out how it’s going.

“It’s desperate. Any minute some idiot will leak the news of the character increase to Donald and then he will get nothing whatsoever done at all ever again,” Mr A Non told the Herald.

“It was bad enough with 140 characters. Most of the working day is wasted with Trump standing in a bathrobe shouting tweets at the people who write them for him. Then demanding they delete them and re-do them with more demands to arrest Hilary. What’s he going to do with 280 characters?”

But not everyone is so upset. People trying to run the country under the flaming bag of dog mess that is the Trump presidency are reportedly rather relieved that he’ll be further distracted by Twitter and hopefully spend less time making their work harder.

“Oh God!” A Non added, “He knows! He’s going to spend the day writing a novel apparently proving that Obama was born in Cornwall and has been colluding with the British to introduce complete sentences into international diplomacy. This is not going to end well.”

The increase in word limit is also expected to lead to a serious productivity dive across the world as twitter users spend even more of their time taking the piss out of Trump’s incoherent and inaccurate tweets or working the flip side and attempting to prove circles are indeed squares.

“I’ve got to get out of here. It’s started already. He’s refusing to leave his hotel room until we’ve used all the extra characters in Twitter before anyone else can!”