Some bloke that you sort of remember from the 1990’s but you can’t really remember why has stepped up his irrelevance by announcing a new name for himself to his Twitter following of junior staff reporters.

Giving yourself a nickname and then changing it was first made cool by Dave-Lee ‘everyone calls me The Hairy Cornflake; I’m just mad’ Travis. In 2015 he changed it to Dave-Lee ‘3-month suspended sentence for sexual assault’ Travis and has since settled on Dave-Lee “please just leave me alone now and do you have to park your car on my drive?” Travis.

While celebrating his 48th birthday on Saturday the ‘artist’ formerly known as Sean Combes, erm, sorry I’ve no idea what he does now, revealed that he will no longer be answering to any of his previous names including Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Ken Doddy, Dave or You Sad Fucker.

He posted the “very, serious, serious news that he was now to be called Love or if you prefer/ give a shit Brother Love”

“I know it’s risky, cos it come off as corny to some people,” said Mr B.Love “But I’ve decided to change my name again – I’m just not who I am before”

All of which will come as a surprise to those who think he seems ever so slightly a bit of a dick and probably was before, if only you could remember who he was.

However, some people are wondering when he will finally stumble on the name everyone else calls him………