David Walliams has, in a stunning show of hypocrisy and with no hint of irony, claimed that celebrities are over-rewarded as he accepted an OBE which was awarded for nothing other than partaking in his already very well-paid career.

David Walliams, who has already accepted many awards for doing OK in industries which are renowned for patting themselves on the back over the most trivial of achievements, accepted his OBE in a fashion which suggested overtly that he felt that he very much deserved it.

Paying lip-service to people who have shown true courage in the face of adversity, have managed to galvanise their communities through their own dedication and effort or raised eye-wateringly large sums of money for worthy causes without the benefit of being well-known in the first instance to boost their efforts, Walliams then went on to moan about his short-arse peacock of a colleague, Simon Cowell, being jealous.

Walliam’s agent, Phil McPockets, told the Herald “Walliams claiming that he believes celebrities are over-rewarded has been taken completely out of context. His words should be taken at face-value and you should accept his claim, as his adoring fans will no doubt do, without questioning his own personal wealth or publishing the long list of awards that he has accepted or pointing out the much shorter, in that it contains nothing, list of awards and rewards he has declined.”

We did try to arrange an interview with Walliams but were assured by Phil McPockets that there was little chance that the Herald would be able to afford it.