President Donald Trump has responded to criticism that he mishandled a phone call with the grieving widow of an American serviceman killed in an ambush in Niger by saying she’s making it all up because he’s the font of human decency and veracity. Something his time in office so far has shown all too clearly.

“I’d like to see her birth certificate too!” He is alleged to have wanted to tweet, before being shown a picture of a wall and momentarily distracted.

Arguing with a widow is a new bar crawled under for a President who governs by finding the rawest wounds in American life and then jamming both his tiny hands in and churning.

“We don’t know where he will go next?” An avid Trump watcher groaned, “I guess now he’s hit all the perennial sore points he’s got to hang about on the news cycle corner like some kind of grief junky and shuffle up to tragedies as they pass and see what he can pick out of their pockets. He’s got a wallet full of cash with this one.”

He’s not without his supporters in the spat with the distraught widow though.

Heavy Trump fans, so thrilled to finally have a president who talks with the same ignorance and bigotry that they do, have rushed to defend their messiah of calamitous bullshit and believe the widow and her supporters are making it all up.

Grief counsellors have warned against answering the phone if you are grieving for a dead American servicemen.

It just might be a malignant narcissistic television personality in chief on the other end fumbling about for how to portray empathy. He’ll screw the ratings grab up and then try and hang it on you.

“She knew what she was getting into when she answered my phone call!” Trump asserted.

In hindsight, and only in hindsight, she possibly did.

What else could anyone reasonably expect from this thin skinned prick? Well, WW3 possibly? Oh yeah, that too!