Proving once and for all that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing, Donald Trump told the widow of a grieving soldier that he “knew what he signed up for” and failed to keep a hint of envy out of his voice as he spoke.

The President shocked nobody whatsoever with this latest in a long, long, long line of gaffes and bloopers,which is an odd way to say, horrific errors in judgement as a human being. People had been aware of Mr Trump and what a colossal twatsplash he was for many years prior to electing him as leader of the “free” world, and are now taking part in the political equivalent of whistling nonchalantly while staring at the sky and backing away.

A Trump supporter who remains firmly in his camp said today “I’m just as much of a fan of him “speaking his mind” as I ever was, I’m just starting to wish his mind had more stuff to say that made any sense, grammatical or political. I ain’t even fussy which right now. His speeches have become hard to follow and I put that down to my bathtub meth at first, but I smoked plenty of that stuff too when Obammy was in power. Even he made sense SOMETIMES, despite being Muslim and from Kenya.”

“I’ll never vote any other way though, that’ll show them goddam snowflakes who’s boss…”

The White House refused to comment on the faux pas, but said the President would be sending a balloon in a spring-loaded box full of confetti to the widow any day now.