Hollywood millionaire Harvey Weinstein has said he is “truly sorry” for cracking jokes about James Corden at a black tie charity dinner in Los Angeles.

Mr Weinstein released a press statement apologising for his quips, which he claims were aimed at the Late Late Show’s presenter, and not the victims of his terrible comedy.
Weinstein, who is known throughout the film industry as ‘the Jabba the Hut of Tinseltown’ asked for forgiveness from his fans and shareholders after what has been a very tough week.

Speaking from his underground lair in the Swiss Alps, Weinstein complained, “It’s been a terrible time for me.

“First off I got outed as a misogynistic power-hungry bully, serial rapist and the kind of oddball that wanks into pot plants. A few women made some allegations and it all got a bit out of hand to be honest.

“All that was harrowing enough for me, I mean, imagine how my feelings are hurt in all of this. I’m going to need counselling. But as if I hadn’t been punished enough already, I make a couple of risqué jokes calling a much-loved chat show host a piglet, and suddenly I can’t get a restaurant reservation anywhere in L.A.

“I suppose I should take some responsibility for the deep emotional scarring that has come about as a result of all this. After all, it was me who gave Corden his big break in that God-awful movie version of Britain’s Got Talent.”