A country full of religious crackpots and nuclear weapons has condemned another country full of religious crackpots for pressing on with their nuclear programme.

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, has spoken to The Rochdale Herald about Donald Trump’s plans to increase the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

“It’s insane,” he said. “He’s insane. He thinks having nuclear weapons is a good thing, and yet his country is rife with right-wing religious extremism.”

The news follows Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States may withdraw from the International Nuclear Treaty with Iran.

“Doesn’t this doofus know that this isn’t a bilateral treaty between the US and Iran, rather a multi-lateral treaty between the US, China, Russia, the UK, France and Germany imposing restrictions on Iran’s atomic energy program in return for a reduction in trade sanctions?” Asked everybody who has ever read a newspaper.

Interestingly all of the other signatories, including the ones that aren’t psychotic dictatorships like France and Germany, have agreed that Iran has not breached any of the conditions.

The United States of America has hit the headlines recently for religious extremism coupled with extreme violence, frequently involving guns, so the question of whether or not they are a fit country to be left in charge of nuclear weapons is highly valid.

This comes at a time when the giant orange Twitter shitgibbon keeps tweeting about using nuclear weapons against North Korea.

“He’s like a little boy with a toy,” President Rouhani went on. “He’s got these nuclear weapons, and he’s just itching to use them on someone, and he doesn’t care who gets hurt just as long as he gets to press the button.”

And when one country full of religious extremists can claim a moral high ground against another, then maybe it’s time to start worrying.