Hollywood, nay, America, nay the whole World, has been rocked to its core by allegations that a man abused his position of power, as this, categorically, does not happen all the time.

Renowned woman Anna Jordan said “no one expected this, it’s just so unusual for men to do things like this.”

“I guess we have all become so accustomed to a benevolent patriarchal society that the notion of a man acting in anything other than a kindly, paternalistic manner, well, it’s just hard to digest isn’t it?”

Lurid allegations about top Hollywood Producer Harvey Wankstein have included him forcing a woman to watch whilst he hunched over a pot plant promising to give it his “Harvey Milk”. Renowned idiot Milo Fasciopolis said “See, a gay reference, proves he can’t be bad, and maybe the woman was black, you don’t know.”

The woman wasn’t black. Well, that one wasn’t.

Reliance on years of privilege even led Wankstain to attempt to tap into his network of other board level men, sorry, appreciate board level and men is a repetition, and ask them to support him seeking therapy and counselling for the burden of being a man, rather than being fired.

They didn’t support him.

Some leading socio-anthropologists have questioned as usual whether woman are “asking for it”, and who, we ask, who wouldn’t want to take a paternalistic concern for female welfare that little step further, into “call me Daddy”?

As the alleged conduct has being going on for alleged years and was allegedly so well known that comedy programmes were joking about it, allegedly, many have asked why women would be prepared to accept a pay off and the opportunity to continue with their careers than let a powerful man destroy them.

Well, clearly the only answer to that is that no one can resist a powerful man who knows how to grab them by the pot plant.

The White House has condemned the ficticious individual involved in this work of satire and President Trump has said he has no idea how a serial sexual predator could become a media figure before consolidating his power further.