Criticism has been placed upon two American inventors for the dramatic rise in immigration, it has been confirmed.

Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, who are credited with the creation of the first successful aeroplane, have recently received angry letters and been pressured to apologise for the sharp increase in foreigners attempting to settle in different countries around the world.

‘It’s completely ruined our country’ said Christian Whiteman, 29. ‘I can hear them talking to each other in their native language. It makes you think “are they safe? Are they terrorists?”’. When told his neighbours were from Birmingham, he replied ‘well, you know what I mean.’

In the United States, people have been calling for the Wright brothers to make a public apology for the increase in immigration. Leading the campaign ‘Wrights to Remain Silent’ is Ted Russell.

‘My ancestors didn’t need to fly to get here. They came by boat, and travelled west by carriage. The ones who didn’t get dysentery did just fine. Now thousands of immigrants are coming in and ruining my beautiful country.’

Meanwhile, there have been mass demonstrations outside a number of international airports.

Protesters have been petitioning the government to close down all air travel, and have recently begun travelling to airports to speak out against airlines.

‘We feel that it’s important to tell them that what they’re doing is wrong.’ said David Fisher, 48. ‘We’ve also been handing out leaflets to passengers telling them about our cause. They seem a bit put off though because we hadn’t showered during the coach trip. We’ll probably fly next time.’

Orville and Wilbur Wright have been unavailable for comment.