President Trump outlaws Donald Trump in white supremacists condemnation order


American race relations looked to be on the upturn today after President Donald Trump responded to the calls from Congress to condemn white supremacists by listing loudmouth race hate rabble rouser Donald Trump in the signed order.

Donald Trump has come under increasing scrutiny for his outdated and careless statements regarding race since the election of President Trump nearly a year ago.

Although hopes were raised early that once President Trump had taken the oath of office he would act swiftly to reign in the likes of Donald Trump, hopes have been fading as action has been slow in coming.

The Rochdale Herald’s Across the Pond correspondent spoke to a prominent commentator on American society about the much needed condemnation order,

“President Trump’s repeated comments on events in Charlottesville some weeks past, wherein an anti-white supremacist protester was killed by a nazi lunatic with a car, had further diminished optimism that anything useful would happen.” The prominent commentator commented.

“Actually, President Trump’s behaviour has only served to fuel concerns that he actually agrees with such dangerous, shouty types like inheritance millionaire Donald Trump.”

But it seems with the addition of Donald Trump along with the KKK and neo-nazi hate groups in the list, it seems finally the President is doing something about one of the most pressing issues facing the USA in its quest for social unity nearly one hundred and sixty years after a bunch slave owning degenerates lost a war to own other people.

“If he continues in this way he can really help America heal.” The prominent commentator commented additionally.

The Herald did attempt to contact Donald Trump for his reaction to inclusion on the list but he was unavailable, apparently busy adding zeros to the end of his bank account and moving the decimal point about until he felt happier.