The world had thought that William’s half-brother and something-or-other in line to the throne’s days of causing controversy were over. But today, a new scandal is threatening to envelope the Crown. Shocking pictures have emerged of Prince Harry dressed as PAUL HOLLYWOOD.

Harry, who only looks like a clone of James Hewitt and absolutely f*ck all like Charles because of a total coincidence (that coincidence definitely not being a result of James and Diana being alone too often and unchaperoned, certainly not), has a history of casual racism, and waving his own Crown Jewels around at wild naked parties in Las Vegas.

However, new pictures have surfaced showing the reporter-punching, red headed wild boy of posh donning the outfit associated with the world’s shiftiest looking tubby, self-obsessed goose stepper and unsavoury narcissistic pastry fondler.

Hollywood, a grasping dough molester, famous for wearing a Wehrmacht outfit, ditching his wife and child and then grovelling back to her (who knows, she had commenced divorce proceedings, so perhaps he got the bill) is renowned for having the face of someone who should be permanently tagged and never left alone with animals, children or penetrable inanimate objects unsupervised.

A spokesman for the Royal household issued an immediate and unreserved apology, explaining that “one deeply regrets that anything one did may in any way be associated with such a massive sleazy cake abuser. One does not have the wandering hands of that f*cking salty dough dispenser.”

Reports indicate Harry has burned all his clothes and is heading back to Las Vegas, in an attempt to live the incident down.