Donald Trump has announced he intends to visit areas of Texas affected by flooding just as soon as the cleaning operation on Texan golf courses is complete.

In a tweet Trump said, “Wow. Just had confirmation that Harvey is the worst flooding ever. No experts expected this. All golf courses within 200 miles of Houston closed.”

He then went on to add, “Can you believe that the worst flooding in US history is happening while I’m President? Yuge. Bigglier flooding than Obama.”

In a further tweet he said, “Great coordination between agencies at all levels of Trump golf course management. Continuing rains and flash floods are being dealt with. Thousands of t-off times rescued.”

Trump also found time to announce that he will also visit Missouri. Saying, “Can you believe the electoral college victory I got in Missouri in 2016? It’s a great college. I’ll be visiting it just as soon as I can.”

Trump has been criticised for bringing last years election result into the conversation. Many flooded Texans were left asking if Trump plans to spend the next 4 years talking about it. Trump responded, “I don’t. I plan to spend the next 8 years talking about it.”

Trump also revealed that he intends to bring aide to Texas by signing an Executive Order to allow him to turn all golf courses affected by flooding into Trump golf courses.

Trump also took aim at Mexico saying, “Mexico is full of criminals. Texans must expect them to ride boats to start looting. There needs to be actions by both sides. Texan’s should arm themselves.”