In a ground-breaking move, career punchist and all round feckin’ lad Conor McGregor has revealed his plans to offer professor Stephen Hawking a game of “da physics” just hours after his piss-takingly lucrative defeat at the hands of actual title-winning boxer Floyd Mayweather, himself recently voted “Most Highly Paid Woman-hitter of 2017”.

“Your man Steve-O talks a big game, but I’m confident that with a few evening of gentle readin’ up on Wikipedia I can have the bastard on the ropes when it comes to string theory. That fella Gove put it best when he said “people have had enough of experts” – May as PM and Boris as… Boris pretty much proves that’s true, so I’m cashi- I mean weighing in on all sorts of matters now – who knows, might be a winner!” said McGregor.

Neil Degrasse Tyson is rumoured to be considering the request to referee the match, being the only human being alive capable of dealing with both competitors should it kick off, due to his experience as a semi-pro wrestler (actually true – Google it).

A source of The Herald’s at Sky TV said today “Look, if you wanted to be cynical you could say the McGregor/Mayweather fight was just a cash-in, but you’d be missing the point – the world got to watch a known woman-beater and a known racist knock seven shades of shit out of each other in HD, and lots of money changed hands – if we can generate the same amount of faux-animosity between Conor and Steve-O this time around, we’ll be laughing…”.

Professor Hawking was unavailable for comment as yet, because of important science stuff, probably.