Stephen King took to twitter today to reveal a juicy nugget regarding his next movie project, ’Idiot’, a sequel to ‘It’, will feature a perma-tanned clown with a combover.

The orange skinned clown has been given the handle of Dollarstupid and has set his sights far higher than his predecessor Pennywise.

Idiot’s central villain will rise to the terrifying heights of President of the USA with the assistance of a ragtag collection of white supremacists and other unsavoury types, all the while presenting himself as a champion of the people he aims to destroy.

The Rochdale Herald’s King correspondent spoke to an aide to the famous author to gain further insight into the creative process behind ‘Idiot’.

“Mr King has been taking shots at Donald Trump for months on twitter, as has pretty much anyone with a social conscience and a sense of humanity. Because of the relationship that’s developed between the two men via the social media platform Mr King wanted to create a work in Donald’s honour. Donald is so excited he has blocked Stephen on Twitter so he doesn’t get a sneak preview.”

We tried to gain more revelations regarding the plot of ‘Idiot’ but Mr King’s staffer was tight lipped.

“I can assure you Dollarstupid will be truly menacing. He’s a proper fantastical creation. No matter how many people try and stop him he will plough inexorably onwards to achieve his aim. He gains popular support by way of whipping up the worst of human instincts, all for an agenda of ethnic purity and tax breaks for billionaires. The billionaires already have more money than they could possibly need but have attached an erotic sense of pleasure to taking income from poor people and giving it to themselves.”

As to how Dollarwise can be defeated?

“Oh, I can say Mr King would be very unhappy if I gave such an important plot development away. I’d suggest that a good probe into his finances would possibly see him resigning prior to impeachment and going back to haunt everyone forever on the television, fuelled by a really very pathetic need to be seen as a victim.”