The matter of immigration has often been a contentious issue within politics, particularly American politics of late. During the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised certain measures would be put in place to reduce the number of immigrants. Trump’s, now infamous, wall idea to prevent Mexicans entering the country and his “Muslim ban” for travellers from certain countries appear to have been just the beginning.

Now the U.S. President has taken inspiration from popular movie culture and it isn’t a Disney. Trump has recently been mulling over the possibility with his Advisors, but finally made the shock announcement today. It emerged that after careful consideration, from April 2018, America will have an immigration system akin to the Hunger Games.

Speaking to the press about the move, he stated; “It is time for drastic measures, folks. We need to keep America safe and protect our freedom. This will do that, believe me. Only the best immigrants can stay”. Donald Trump has come under fire from critics, following the decision, with many citing human rights laws as well as the clear moral and ethical issues surrounding it. However, advertisers are already warming to the idea, with millions being put on the table by companies wanting their brand within the arena kill-zone.

The highly controversial plan has people across the globe well and truly divided, with other countries with dubious human rights records believed to be watching closely, with a view to following suit. Life mimicking art in this way may not be the greatest way to conduct international politics but one thing is for sure, it is not going to be dull.