The rising tensions in America have led to violent clashes in the streets of late, which has caused the tragic loss of life. The “Alt-right” hate-mongers and terrorists are being supported by none other than the President himself, which is adding to the fear and criticism from other groups. Surprisingly, not all who are not right wing are angry or scared of the recent developments, some even welcome the Nazis.

Local cover band, based in Rochdale, “The White Supremes” are having the biggest increase in bookings for their act since the 1980’s.

Lead singer, fair-skinned Joanne, told the Herald; “It’s amazing! The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. We’re fully booked up for the year and only got a few spaces left next year! A lot of the gigs are in America and we’re really excited for it. We struggled for years, not looking much like the band, but hopefully they will love our voices”.

However, they aren’t the only local act to benefit from the whole unpleasantness. Greater Manchester funnyman Adam Hilter has had an influx of offers, including a special meeting for the Ku Klux Klan.

The staunch left-wing comedian admits he was perplexed at first, but agreed once he was offered a large amount of gold, which he said was “worth more than my house”. In any case, we predict that the audience will have a gas.

The Herald would like to congratulate The White Supremes and Adam on their success and wish them the very best luck for the future. We have a feeling they may need it.