If the children of the late Sir Bruce Forsyth wish to inherit his estate, they must remember the individual parts of it that they see on a conveyor belt, it has emerged.

Under the terms of his will, the various aspects of his estate, are to be represented by symbols small enough to fit onto a conveyor belt, which will be rolled along in front of his family. Afterwards, each has a minute to remember and name everything that they saw.
The entire process is to be filmed to avoid confusion, and to settle any disputes, each prize will go to whoever shouts it out first.

To assist the family in remembering the items, each item will be announced as it appears on the conveyor belt. Alan Dedicoat, who will be providing these announcements, has described it as, “the strangest announcing job I’ve ever been commissioned to do.”

In the interests of fair play, the exact details of the estate have not been disclosed, but items are expected to include a dinner service, a fondue set and of course, a cuddly toy.
The initial reactions of his children to such a decision ranged from bafflement to incredulity, but after thinking about it for a time, they all seemed unfazed by it.

“That’s dad,” said daughter Debbie. “A game show host to the end.”

Daughter Louisa added, “I guess it’s what he wanted.”

Here’s hoping they do well.