Today the Trump Administration has struck back over comments alluding to Donald Trump resembling something of a 21st Century Hitler.

There has been outrage in the oval office this morning following such unfounded comments about the former reality TV star. The goose-stepping leader has been so livid that he has taken the extraordinary measure of hand-writing a letter, which was presented and read by a White House official.

The official statement which been released is thought to be verbatim, as per President Trump’s instructions. As is everything any of his representatives say, if they want to last longer than ten days, without feeling the full force of the, often quipped, “Fourth Reich”.
The handwritten note stated as follows:

“Dear friends,

I am angry. I am angry and embarrassed that the weak, losers of fake news media would sink to name-calling. It is not right, but that is what you get from Democrats. We are right and I am here to fight that, this is my fight. By working together as a country, we can make it happen. By working together, we can stop these lies and move towards freedom. Work will set you free”. An uncharacteristically, controversial speech which will no doubt further divide the Republican kampf.

President Trump may be protesting to the claims that he follows racist ideations in his every day work, but some members of the Republican Party have now denounced his actions. Perhaps if he had demonstrated less bigotry and admitted that it’s not always right to be so far right, he would have a leg left to stand on with his party.

Adolf Hitler was once quoted as saying “The masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.” We here at the Rochdale Herald think it may not be coincidence that Herr Drumpf has been rumoured to be looking at “vacations” in Brazil.