Alarm bells were set ringing at the Pentagon today when Donald Trump found himself locked out of the nuclear football after entering the code incorrectly three times and forgetting his mother’s maiden name.

Apparently POTUS did get Ivanka to click on the “forgotten your password?” help icon on the device that destroys worlds and was offered a series of security questions in order to reset his password.

He was fine with the first question which was “what is your favourite colour?” The answer was obviously “gold.”

But when it came to his mother’s maiden name he was stuck. After trying Drumpf, Trump and Trumpf  the nuclear football screen locked up with a message instructing President Trump to raise a support ticket with the Pentagon’s IT department and ask for them to manually reset the security code.

Being Saturday there is no one available to do this until office hours Monday morning, so it seems America and its commander in chief had better hope that crazy man on the Korean Peninsula doesn’t try frying any small islands until the working week begins anew.

President Trump is said to be planning to spend the time thinking up alternative answers to security question two next time around.

Insiders suggest he’s trying to choice between either golf or Obama. In the meantime he expressed his irritation at the event on Twitter.

“Obama mean man. Selfish. He is meddling with nuclear football. He still has it. I can’t use it as Obama tricked me with codes. No one tell North Korea. No nukes till office hours Monday.”

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