As tension mounts between the U.S.A. and North Korea, with threats being issued by either side toward each other, the world waits.

The egotistical tyrant has been ramping up the pressure on the megalomaniacal dictator over the past few weeks and neither is backing down.

The fate of the billions of people could lie in the hands and minds of these two, often unpredictable leaders, which is a concern for many.

The weight of the issue is beginning to show within the camp of President Trump. His own staff members are starting to demonstrate signs that they are not 100% behind everything he is saying.

The white house staff have gone behind the Trumpster’s back to have 400 additional big, red buttons installed, alongside the original that we all know about.

A white house representative told the Herald; “We are getting a little shaky here. A nuclear war would not be great, so we had to think laterally. The extra buttons are initially to confuse the President, if he does have a bad day’s tweeting, to delay the inevitable. The longer-term plan is for him to get very frustrated or even bored of pressing the false buttons and, hopefully, forget why he was mad”.

Donald Trump was, unfortunately, unavailable for comment, busy shouting at a television and demanding to know why the fake news media does not report how much lower Obama’s approval ratings were than his own.

The bold, new approach is a point of contention for many, as critics say that Donald Trump may see this as a game, or challenge. They fear he may press every button, until he hits the one he is seeking.

The winding up of the leader of the free world is a new tactic, which many will hope succeeds at least long enough to find out who wins Strictly Come Dancing 2017.