Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, the place where they invent money, has admitted that remain campaigners accused of scaremongering may actually be truthmongering.

The surprising intervention comes as new economic data strongly suggest that since the Brexit vote last year everything is turning to sh*t.

This process of purposefully transforming the entirety of the United Kingdom into a steaming cowpat has been accelerated by Prime Minister Theresa May saying ‘Brexit means Brexit’, ‘A red, white and blue Brexit’ and just as scatological in essence, ‘The nation is uniting behind Brexit.’

With costs rising from inflation caused by a lot of the world no longer liking the smell of sterling, manufacturing output falling and living standards flatlining and decreasing, the recognition that scare was truth is not exactly overdue.

Mr Carney is sure to find himself under accusation of thought crimes by the deep thinking patriots driving Brexit. Even thinking something bad about Brexit means that anything bad with Brexit that happens is actually your fault.

It’s important to remember that all the Brexit poo that is hitting the UK’s fan and splattering about is not the fault of the people who want Brexit.

It’s remainers at fault for not getting behind Brexit. It’s essential everyone understands this. I’m sure the Daily Mail will tell you so too.

As to Mr Carney, we trust he’s using the best quality paper he can find to update his CV.

Given the excellent first aid work he performed on our wounded country following the referendum of 23rd June last year, because Dave and George were hiding, we’re sure another country that prints its own money will be calling on him to come and save them from some self-inflicted screw up soon.

Just as soon as he’s had enough of moneymongering in Brexit land.

Well, there perhaps won’t be much mongering of any kind happening in the UK soon, so we may not need a Governor of the Bank of England anyway.