In another great victory for liberal tolerance, the much maligned “just a phase” movement will be properly recognised at tomorrow’s London Pride.

In between the many sexual identities and gender fluid marchers you will now find those who feel “a bit gay” but expect to get over it in time.

“I’m essentially straight” said Sharon Jones 32, who will lead the movement “but I really like Orange is the New Black and I once kissed my friend Chloe on a night out.” She also urges marchers to identify themselves using the traditional ‘jeans, t shirt and trainers’ look that so many “just a phase” people feel comfortable in.

“It’s ridiculous” explained Sharon “that in 2017 we still haven’t seen a Prime Minister who has gone through a little gay phase but basically got over it”

Her husband Darren agreed, later telling our reporter that:

“I like it when she checks out other birds.”