Well off government workers including nurses, firemen and the police are banding together to help impoverished pensioner, Liz, 91, from Windsor.

‘We heard about the poor woman’s plight and knew we had to do something,’ said Nigel a Fireman from Cleethorpes. ‘Her husband Phil has a nasty disease he caught in Bongo-Bongo Land and has borderline tourette’s, and she is further hampered by having a ginger Grandson. For years she’s suffered abuse over the mysterious death of her daughter-in-law; just because she took a correspondence car-maintenance course is just coincidence.’

Sally, a nurse from Brighton added; ‘The poor dear doesn’t know if she is coming or going, placed all over the country by her relatives. How can she afford the London congestion charge going from Berkshire to the City of Westminster, beats me. Then they send her up to Norfolk for Christmas, and all the way to Scotland for summer.

We should be caring for our old folk, not this. I’ve looked down the sofa for loose change, and even broke into my daughter’s Peppa Pig Piggy Bank. She cried a bit, so I called her a snowflake and told her there are lots far worse off than you, now gets your skates on, those chimneys won’t clean themselves.’

If you feel Liz should be treated with the dignity and respect she deserves, please give generously.