Millions of Microsoft outlook users are about to receive an unexpected update in their calendars.

The Rochdale Herald has just received an email from an anonymous address which  but it appears to have been sent by all the days of this week.  Each day has signed underneath the following declaration:

Following yet more tragedies, hateful reporting and government ineptitude, we have decided not to bother turning up this week.  We already had major concerns about bothering, regarding the uncertainty of the House of Commons, the wheat runner, the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower.  Following the attack in Finsbury Park and the unbelievably dreadful, hateful, innaccurate reporting of the Daily Mail, we have decided that that’s enough. If we don’t turn up then they can’t be daily.

As a collective of days we have decided not to participate this week.  We have packed a big f*ck off tent in Wednesday’s big camper van and we are going to Glastonbury.

Friday and Saturday reckon it’s going to be a good one, but we are taking wellies and just gonna tune out from all the bullshit, maybe find someone selling mushrooms and chill out near the Stone circle.  Let’s ave it! Next week is coming too as we will be pulling the tent down and then stuck in traffic and catching up on sleep.

The week went on to state that it had to start packing, get the cider in and find some dry shampoo.