Sad little wankers have today expressed dismay that their plans to sow fear into our communities and bring about the downfall of society have yet to come to fruition.

ISIS-supporter and sad little wanker, Mohammed Abbas, 24, told reporters that he was at a loss as to why Western society had not yet fallen to its knees, and was confused as to why people were just getting with their lives instead.

“I just don’t get it,” said the sad little wanker, sitting in the shitty bedsit he shares with a bunch of other sad little wankers who attend the same Saudi-funded mosque. “After the Manchester thing I assumed that we would have the Caliphate established within a week or so, but instead people just stood around holding hands and singing Oasis songs.

“Then my brothers attack a bunch of kafir down in London and all people seem to care about is some bloke who stopped to rescue his pint from the pub. Where are the rivers of blood and the hordes of non-believers queuing up to show subservience to Allah I was promised?”

“At this rate, we’re in danger of looking less like soldiers of jihad and more like a bunch of pathetic arseholes who blow stuff up because we can’t get laid.”

Britain First member and equally sad little wanker, Darren Fudd, 37, also expressed confusion at the lack of a response from non-Muslims and said he was disappointed that the general population had not yet risen up in response to a further attack.

“I just don’t get It,” said the sad little wanker from his mum’s spare bedroom. “I went out this morning and threw some bacon at the local mosque – no response. Then I ran past the corner shop down the road and shouted ‘terrorist’ at Mr. Hassan but he just waved and asked if my mum still needed her papers brought up.”

“All my mates on Facebook keep saying that we need to rise up against our Muslim-appeasing libtard government, smash ISIS and then take are (*sic) country bak, but they never seem to get round to it. I would do it but Jeremy Kyle’s on and I need to do the ironing or mum won’t make my tea.”

At press time, the majority of the population has continued to defy the will of sad little wankers by carrying on with their lives, not hating each other and acknowledging that sad little wankers cannot divide a society that has spent years laughing in the face of sad little wankers.

The sad little wankers responsible for Saturday’s attack, however, have just discovered that the virgins they were promised in the afterlife are actually just the 72 sad little wankers who died perpetrating terrorist attacks before them.