Theologists now agree that diminutive Josh Widdicombe is not the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Speculation had run rife that, having been born of a well-known virgin, pint-sized Josh was almost certainly the New Messiah.

Doubts were raised when unbelievers observed the close resemblance between tousle-haired, short-arse Josh and whinging, ginger, busker Ed Sheerhan. “Our Lord would never manifest himself in such a repulsive form,” they said.

A crack team of religious brainstormers from Rochdale Community University’s Developmental Institution for Retributive Theology have now pronounced on this issue.

“It’s clear that West Country chuckle-monger Josh doesn’t really have a message of salvation for Mankind. He seems to spend most of his time taking the piss out of Alex Brooker’s tiny hands,” claims Dr. Noah Lott.

“With his tinny voice and irritating head scratch, he certainly lacks the messianic charisma one would expect of Christ the Redeemer,” continued Dr. Lott, “And I have to admit, his tedious sitcom about student angst really didn’t come across as Divinely Ineffable.”

The Rochdale Herald attempted to contact Josh’s Mum for a comment. Celebrity virgin and comedy dancer, Anne Widdecombe, professed to be out when we attempted to doorstep her at her home yesterday, although a voice from an upstairs window was heard to shout:

“Now listen here. He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy. Now go away!”