As the case against Trump supporter and white nationalist butt-nugget Matthew Heimbach heats up, his lawyer has said that Trump may well be called to the stand and indicted himself, for incitement.

In the federal court filing, Heimbach claims that he was acting “pursuant to the directives and requests of Donald J Trump,” and that if he is found liable for damages then Trump himself should either share or take that liability on himself.

Attorney for Trump, Irma Fuller-Shid, says that Trump himself cannot be held liable for the actions of Trump supporters even if it is found that his telling people to be thugs is ruled as telling people to be thugs.

“Mr Trump is a character; this is performance art. Judging Trump by the ridiculous bollocks that comes out of his mouth would be like judging Jack Nicholson for what the Joker says. Or Boris Johnson for…Oh, apparently that one’s real. Well, anyway, it’s an act and you can’t blame him for the actions of those who can’t separate fiction from factishness.” she said.

Further evidence that Trump is merely a character came when he said “You can’t sue me for this as I won the election.” which Fuller-Shid argues could never be said by anybody real and is slam-dunk proof that Trump is a comedy act.

Heimbach himself has claimed that he didn’t assault anyone, that he was acting in self defence when he didn’t assault anyone and that he was not assaulting anybody under the instructions of Trump.

The trial continues.

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