Americans were rocked to the core today to find that it was possible to resolve a dispute without gunfire.

Chuck Henderson, a 7-Eleven employee from Milwaukee, was live streaming himself closing his store for the night on Facebook, to prove to his friends that he was on his way to a party he’d been invited to last night.

Just before he was about to lock up, an agitated man entered the store and demanded a microwaved burrito.

“I was so psyched for the party, I had a 4 pack of stubbies for me and my 3 friends. We were going to get wasted!” said Mr. Henderson.

“Then this guy came in the store all up in my face, and I said, ‘Dude, we’re closed.’ He was insistent he wanted a burrito. He was so stoned.”

Amazingly, the man, later identified as local shop worker; I. Mungry, accepted what he was told and left.

“I couldn’t believe it and neither could my friends. The guy didn’t call me a bitch or blow my brains out. I guess I’m just lucky”.

Mr. Henderson’s friend, Chad Baxter, who witnessed the incident on Facebook said;

“I couldn’t believe it. Chuck was so lucky.”

Since going viral the video has now been viewed a whopping 87 times.

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