The Prime Minister faces another Brexit challenge today as it is revealed Royal Assent was not the final requirement to begin negotiations with the EU.

Due to a misinterpretation of a prophecy, May must now journey to the Caverns of D’hal Zhar and retrieve the Dawn Crystal from the ancient demon Kalvarox, The Undying. It is possible that the intended end of March date for triggering Article 50 will now be delayed.

Brexit Minister, David Davis explained: “While this is yet another small setback from our original plan we are confident the Prime Minister is in fact the Chosen One of which the prophecy speaks and will have no problems in defeating the mighty Kalvarox.”

The prophecy has previously faced speculation, with the SNP warning that activating the Dawn Crystal will invoke Nigel Farage with unimaginable power and revert him to his true, unearthly form, hell-bent on consuming the Kingdom with eternal darkness.

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