Residents of Rochdale coming to terms with the swear ban are having to learn how to communicate from scratch.

Restricted from their usual expletive fuelled language they have resorted to primitive forms of communication.

Wildlife experts are flocking to the town in droves spotted with long lensed cameras and binoculars trying to catch a glimpse of this bizarre human interaction.

TV wildlife buff Chris Packham told reporters;

“I stand here in amazement as I watch men grunt, bark and howl. The people of Rochdale are acting like cavemen.”

Witnesses also report seeing men and women signalling to one other with smoke rings from big, fat joints. Others are using bin lids as drums. Vibrations, bangs and booms are echoing through the town.

Local shops are selling out of paper and pens fast and people are resorting to the use of classic drawing gadget the Etch A Sketch.

Council bosses can be heard effing and jeffing in the town hall as plans to clean the Rochdale air go tits up.