Armenian born British Actor Constantine Felangi, better known by his stage name of Paul Nuttall, seized the coveted golden statue for Best Actor at the Oscars last night.

The award, given for Nuttall’s provocative portrayal of a man suffering from post natal depression in “Stoke By The Sea”, came as a shock to Paul.

“To be honest I expected Nigel to get it for his portrayal of a public figure trapped in a doomed cross Atlantic love affair with a brutal narcissist who will stop at nothing to humiliate those he professes to love in “Orange Backed Mountain”. I’m speechless. I don’t even know who to thank. I guess I’ll start with me acting coach Herman G.”

It’s no surprise to The Rochdale Herald that Paul scooped the golden gong.

After his work in “Hillsborough Is Where I Lived” and his wide ranging charity outreach with young people heading to dangerous progressivism, it was high time Paul received the recognition he’s been attempting to gain with many years of artistic invention.

And what next for Paul?

“It depends. Probably Manchester. I hear there’s a new play opening up there in the spring? I might pop over and audition.”

You can be sure we’ll be following whatever Paul does next and we all know exactly where he should put his award.