President Donald Trump took to the skies over Washington today in a giant, orange blimp.

The President is believed to have made the decision in keeping with his campaign promise to never stop surprising his people during his time in office.

Speaking with a megaphone from the primary carriage underneath the blimp, the President addressed the starstruck citizens on the streets below.

“My American people,” he began, “do you know the best thing about my blimp? It’s not costing you a dime.”

As this point the President flicked a switch which brought to life the illuminated neon advertising on the sides of the airship.

“Yarpivo! Our Gift To You!”

Trump continued, “isn’t it fabulous? Doesn’t it just make you thirsty?”

It’s believed President Trump intends to fly the airship between Washington and Florida weekly, landing at weekends to conduct business with friends on his golf course at Mar-a-Lago.