Scientists believe they have proven the rise of Fake News is a direct consequence of the decline of bullying in schools.

Professor Andrei Clewsov of the Sutton Coldfield Institute of Bullying told the Herald, “What we are seeing now is the perfect storm of people who haven’t been bullied. It is a double whammy of being gullible whilst not being afraid to express your opinion”

Professor Clewsov, author of the best seller “Its not bullying; It’s character building!” continued:

“Anyone who went to school in the 1980’s would know that there is no cheese to smell in my clenched fist; they would know you can’t get a bucket of sparks from the metalwork teacher; they would know that the answer to any question involving the town “Bath” ends with a pint of water over their heads… we have a generation who see an internet blog claiming “halal only school dinners in Romford” and they literally have no ability to filter either the information nor their response to it” he continued

Professor Clewsov also pointed to Russia where, thanks to their state sanctioned bullying programme, they generate almost 70% of the Worlds fake news “whereas in Islington 67% of the population believe that Mexico is prepared to pay for a roof over America!