Prime Minister Theresa May has been pictured wearing some of the very best in British haute couture recently.

Her bold departure from her usual conservative (with a small c) wardrobe has been noted by fashionistas the world over and has caused tsunami sized waves amongst the trendsetters and dedicated followers of fashion in London and beyond.

Having been pictured striding purposefully along Downing Street wearing her “lucky” Vivienne Westwood tartan loon pants and matching jacket in the style of something akin to the bastard child of Johnny Rotten and The Bay City Rollers, the next big outfit in Mrs May’s portfolio wowed us even further.

The jacket resembled a badly stuffed sofa made from her char woman’s old curtains whilst at the same time it looked as if she had been caught short and rushed from the lavatory unaware that she’d tucked the skirt of her latest ensemble into her Bridget Jonsesque “big pants”.

Unlike her counterpart across the pond whose “Make America Great Again” hats were made in China, Mrs May is proudly flying the flag for the British fashion industry. Sadly, as she is such a sour faced bitch, the rest of the world is not playing the Emperor’s New Clothes game her press office thought they would.

I have personally seen Ms Westwood, dressed from head to toe in Dalmatian skin and shaded by a lace parasol, staring blankly into the brown swirling waters of the Thames in what can only be described as contemplative mood. When I asked her for a quote on the subject her two word response is unprintable. I think we can all understand how she feels.

Whilst Vivienne Westwood may be wrestling with the black dog at the thought of what she has inflicted on us, it has been reported that the artistic directors of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar have agreed a murder/suicide pact should any of the fashion statements that Mrs May is making actually hit home with consumers.

It appears that “Brexit means Brexit” applies to Europe’s style and fashion sense as well as its Parliament.