A driver has defended parking his car across two spaces in a supermarket car park saying “no one would have batted an eyelid if I wasn’t a bloke”

Mark Ranley, from Doncaster, was criticised on a Facebook group dedicated to photographs of people’s parking blunders. He says his parking lead to threats but claims that this is just misandry.

The 24-year-old said the abuse was sexist.  “If it had been a bird who had done it they would have made a couple of knowing gags and winked at each other – I get abuse. It’s blatant sexism!”

“We all know chicks can’t park but I did this on purpose, to protect the sparkling lustre on the paintwork of my 11 year old Vauxhall Astra – who wouldn’t right?”

A spokesman for We Buy Any Car said “not that one and definitely not from him”.