A nursery class somewhere in the US was reportedly in turmoil yesterday. 

The usual relative calm was shattered by a screaming blubber-baby having a foot stamping tantrum fit after realising somebody had used his own tactic of telltale fibbing against him.

Pathetic spoilt little Donald had spent the morning telling everyone that another fellow toddler, Hillary, had wee-wee-ed herself and had a smelly pooey head. 

Before that he had been doing bully boy impersonations of a disabled classmate. He’d finished off by bragging he was more bigly and strongerer than everyone else and that he had an IQ that was infinity squared plus one.

However in the afternoon, one of the other children in the class had picked up on this and proceeded to tell teacher that Donald had been kissing girls and making them cry. Unfortunately for Donald, teacher believed this fib and shouted at Donald and sent him to the naughty corner.

This was too much for the ruined little shit who then threw paint all over the floor and exploded like bawl bomb in a tear factory.

It’s sad to think that a real toddler might’ve drawn some moral lesson from all this, yet a grown up 70 year old president-elect, who will be the oldest ever serving president, obviously never made it past that level of emotional intelligence.

Let’s hope giving him the position of most powerful man in the world, with the power to anhilate countries and kill millions will placate this spoiled little brat…

Oh dear.

We’re fucked.




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