The recently announced decision that the wall between Mexico and the USA will be built using American taxpayers money under a piece of legislation drawn up and abandoned by the George W Bush administration has done two things.

Firstly, it has proven that the idea of a dividing wall is not the revolutionary radical new idea fresh from Trump’s self proclaimed ‘genius’. Furthermore in abandoning the idea, even a warmongering chimp-faced imbecile thought it was a terrible idea.

It has also profoundly confused grass roots Trump supporters like Caleb Hogburger (32) from Felchboro, Texas. Caleb told our reporter “It’s sure enough a stumper. We were at the rally where Mr Trump kept shouting ‘What are we gonna build?’ and we all shouted back ‘A wall’. Then he shouted ‘And who’s gonna pay for it??’ and we all had heard who he promised would pay so we shouted back ‘Mexicans!!!’.”

Caleb’s wife, Darlette (14) continued “But we just heard that the American taxpayer’s a-gonna pay. And ’cause we earned enough to pay the IRS $11.49 last year, that means us. Now Mr Trump he swore blind Mexicans would pay…..”

Caleb agreed “Yeah and he’d never lie to us, so that means we all have got to be Mexicans.”

Darlette finished off “Don’t matter none, my Maw always said that round here we are all the children of Jesus.”

Felchboro’s long serving handyman and gardener, Jesus Rodriguez (67) originally from Juarez was unavailable for comment.

However, Mexican president Vincent Quesadilla repeated his viewpoint that Trump could “stick his fucken wall up his fucken arse. Sideways.”