Controversy struck Hollywood today when news broke that a new high budget movie might not feature Bendable Cramplebitch.

“2017 is a brand new year,” said Hollywood pundit Selina Pastiche, “and it’s time that not every film had Benadril Camblepodge or Idris Elba in, not even as voice over actors!”

Banglesnatch Crumblybum’s agent said “To be honest he’s sick of every two bit wannabe satirist writing a load of tosh as an excuse to say his name wrong!”

“Everyone is tired of hearing him referred to as Benefitstreet Cumquatjuice and he thought having a rest the best way to shut you bastards up for a while.”

Though there will still be some films that star Benefact Cumberland and Idris Elba, they’re mostly films shot in 2016 and so don’t count because, well, reasons.

“Perhaps with Benglestrap Christmaschips starting the year off with that BBC Sherlock thing people won’t mind so much,” said Rochdale Community University’s Entertainment, Media and Famousness lecturer Levin Fruyoo, “but no doubt there’s bound to be people missing Bennyhat Chimpbottle by summer.”

We were unable to contact Bangladesh Clumpbubble at the time of going to press.

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