The 80’s smash hit superstar and naughties annoying meme, Rick Astley, is hanging up his mic once and for all.

After the the shock death of his arch nemesis George Michael and general 2016 shittyness, Astley has decided to call it a day.

News came earlier that he had cancelled his 2017 tour and ordered the destruction of all his current albums on sale before releasing this statement;

“Fans, supporters and friends. I’m sorry I let you down and all tickets for my cancelled dates will be refunded in full. 2016 has been a truly terrible year and I want to rid myself of any celebrity status before it ends. I lived as relatively unknown for years before I went viral, I want to go back to those days.”

The revelation is a blow to the George Michael tribute concert organiser, Jon Soundman, who had Astley down as headlining the gig.

He said,

“There’s literally no one left to play now, only Jedward and Sinitta but she’ll probably peg it next knowing our luck.”

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