Regular visitors to Hampsted Heath have been informed all glory holes will be closed from tomorrow as a mark of respect to George Michael.

A mass of floral tribute has already began to appear outside the singers favorite convenience and the decision to ‘block up the mystery love holes for a 24 hour period is what he would have wanted’ said regular Heath frequenter Cecil Jones.

‘I personally never saw George here, but then that’s the whole point of glory holes isn’t it duckie, however I did once have a mans bit shoved through my hole which smelt a bit of moussaka and weed so I did wonder’

Men have been slowly flocking to Hampsted Heath to pay their last respects and knock one out in the bushes in honor of George and all glory holes will be unblocked and back in action by Thursday morning after a brief ceremony where the hole will be renamed the ‘Wham Hole’ and a blue plaque which will read George Michael came here.

Visitors needing to use the conveniences have been told they’all have to go outside.