Hundreds of thousands of rail passengers face actually going to work as the RMT told Southern Rail employees to actually do their jobs.

Staff will walk-in for 48 hours at midnight. A further 24-hour working day is set for Friday. It is expected that they will take Thursday as a sick-day. Union bosses have told them that if they don’t go to work from time to time then no-one will actually notice when they strike.

Around 300,000 passengers usually ring in telling their boss that they are not able to get to work every weekday. However Southern Rail has warned people they won’t be able to dial it in as usual.

Passengers have enjoyed months of disruption in the dispute, which is about whether Train Drivers could actually do less and still get £45k and a final salary pension.

The RMT union has said that Management plans to replace Southern Rail drivers with bags of sand that smell of whisky and bacon will never work, rather like their members.