Thousands of people are feared dead in Central and Latin America this week after literally laughing their heads off at the news that the CIA is complaining that Russia may have rigged the US election and installed a right wing puppet dictator.

With global irony reserves critically low this comes as yet another blow to the global satire industry.

We approached Manuel Noriega, the former CIA stooge, intelligence asset, gun runner and cocaine smuggler who mysteriously became the President of Panama in 1983, and asked him what he thought of the allegations. He said from his prison cell;

“Ahahahahahahahahahaha. Haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaah ha hahahahahaha.”

Unable to get any sense from Senor Noriega we went to Chile where the CIA installed General Pinochet in 1973. We asked the wife of Eugenio Berrios, the biochemist who invented black cocaine, who was assassinated by Pinochet to cover up the use of Sarin Gas and anthrax against political opponents, what she thought of the rumours.

“Good one. Haaaaaa hahaha. Honestly don’t. Hoo hoo hoo. I can’t breathe. Seriously get help. Hahahahaha. It’s too funny. Haaaa.”

We were unable to get any sense from anybody in Iraq, the Congo, Venezuela, Brazil or the Philippines as they were too busy laughing themselves stupid.

Here’s a photo of Nobel Peace Prize recipient and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger with Augusto Pinochet in 1976. Possibly having a chuckle about neoliberal economics, human rights abuses and torture.